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Ashita is free software and is created, with love, by the Ashita Development Team. We enjoy what we do for the community and sometimes the community likes to say thanks via donations. If you would like to make a donation to say thanks, you can make one via Paypal by clicking here.

Donations are a way to say thanks for the work we do. They do not entitle anyone to anything.

  • Donations do not gain you access to anything secret or hidden (there is nothing).
  • Donations do not gain you access to private forums or anything similar (there are none).
  • Donations do not enable hidden features within Ashita (there are none).

Core Developers

  • atom0s
  • RZN

Core Contributions

  • Lolwutt

Addon / Plugin Developers

  • atom0s, h1pp0, Hypnotoad
  • Lolwutt, MalRD, matix
  • RZN, Vicrelant, Apogee
  • bluekirby0, Julian, Nospheratu
  • Praenuntiae, Venrell, Xenonsmurf

Third Party Thanks

  • Microsoft Detours
  • TinyXML2, Nlohmann JSON
  • Lua / Luabind
  • ImGui
  • Patrick Wyatt (List Implementation)
  • Galasoft.MvvmLight, Xceed WPF Toolkit
  • Newtonsoft.Json

Don't see your name? Contact atom0s on IRC or Discord to have it added!